Holistic or wholistic health is the foundation of good health;
it keeps our body systems in balance.

Hi, and welcome to my site.

A little bit about myself.

My name is Alex. I’m a piano tutor; an author (music theory books); a certified yoga & meditation instructor; Reiki Master; an avid health enthusiast cum researcher.

And I’ve also completed my professional Stress Management course and a Bachelors degree in Alternative Systems in Medicine (B.A.S.M.).

Odd combination?

Perhaps, but hopefully that will help keep things a little more interesting! 🙂

How It All Started …

My flaming passion for holistic health drove me to explore not only the vast universe of nutritional supplements, but also the various mind-body healing techniques, such as meditation and yoga.

Also from my personal meditation experience, I fully understood that nothing in this world exists independently. All things are interconnected and interdependent―this includes our body systems.

Working together, homeostasis (a stable and balance internal environment that ensures our survival) is maintained. But when imbalances occur, not only our normal body function like digestion or immunity is hampered, our energy system, hormone production, acid alkaline balance―all become dysregulated.

While you may think that this is just another lip service, I can attest strongly to it as I myself made a fast recovery from poor health conditions (daily hair drop; poor skin conditions; frequent fatigue; a poor performing immune system; etc.) just a year ago!

Now, standing tall while keeping my conscience clear, I can assure you that consuming the right health supplements (or combining them with mind-body healing exercises) is one way to restore balance and lay a firm foundation on our health.

Once restored, inner healing starts.

“It is universally admitted that there is a natural healing power resident in the body.” – Horatio W. Dresser

Alex,I don’t know if this helps or not, but I just spent 20 minutes going through your site. You have wonderful (and accurate) information on supplements and more people need to know this information.

I have attended several A4M (anti-aging medicine) conferences with some of the top doctors from around the world and you are spot on with your information.

Good job !!

Carly Registered nurse of over 25 years.

Question Everything!

A master once said, “Question everything, don’t follow blindly, experience for yourself.” How true!

I don’t follow (the crowd) for the sake of following (and neither should you), even if the person providing the information is knowledgeable, and has a string of titles tailing their names.

Oh yes, they do carry weight, no doubt; but I still persist to find out more. That said, if any information here gives you doubts, all I request of you is to delve a little deeper for answers.

The next point is important.

When I do my research, I’d first put aside all that I know or thought I know (this is called “emptying the cup.”)

Most of the time, one question leads to another, and before you know it, a “simple” topic like chlorophyll or bitters would take me a week or more to complete!

So what do I get out of this constant probing?

A heap of lies and hype … and the Gem of Truth piled right at the bottom. That said, much me time is needed to pass along quality, reliable, and responsible hype-free health information for your personal use.

My Mission

This website will not just guide you through the nutritional supplement jungle hype-free (no bells and whistles, no dancing to the media tune), but also help you avoid burning a Big hole in your pocket!

No, you don’t have to settle for second best either … superior products with better Value for money are within your reach.

Remember, achieving a vibrant health (and a robust one too) is yours for the taking … of nutritional supplements. By doing this, I hope to do my part to improve the quality of modern health care and to promote wellness. This is just my way of giving back to society.

Come join me on this journey to better health.

Your host,

“Respect for nature is important to maintain the equilibrium in life.”